National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association Washington State Federation Dist. IV

Bremerton Chapter 181

Chartered May 12, 1952 with 109 members.

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U.S. Mail Address:
National Active and Retired Federal Employees (Association)
Chapter 181
P.O. Box 5025
Bremerton, WA  98312-0462



General Meeting:

Jan-Jun, Sep-Nov, 2nd Monday, 1:00 p.m. at the Westside Improvement Club, 4109 "E" Street, Bremerton, WA
Dec - Installation of Officers Luncheon at location to be announced (prepaid reservation only).  Click on the EVENTS link below to view information on our next meeting.


Executive Board Meeting:
The Executive Board meets on Wednesday of the week preceding the general meeting from noon to 2:00 p.m. at the Westside Improvement Club, 4109 "E" Street, Bremerton, WA.  Members are welcome to attend.



NARFE Region IX National Director Lanny Ross swearing in the 2018 Ch. 181 officers

Left to Right:  Sergeant-at-Arms Bill Fuhrmeister; Ex. Bd. Member and Program Chair Amber VanSantford; Secretary/Newsletter Editor/Webmaster Bea Bull; President and Dist. IV V.P. Bill Powers; Treasurer and Alzheimer's Chair Rex Tauscher; V.P and Membership Chair Ralph Sanders; Ex. Bd. Member and Legislative Chair Steve Ferguson; Past Region IX V.P. Lanny Ross.


Bill Powers, (360) 377-7917
Vice President:
Ralph Sanders
Bea Bull
Rex Tauscher
Sergeant at Arms:
William Fuhrmeister

Executive Board:

Donald A. Palmer (through 2018)
Ralph Petersen (through 2018)
Steve Ferguson (through 2019)
Amber VanSantford (through 2019)


Standing Committees:

Alzheimer's Chair:
Rex Tauscher
Audit Committee co-Chairs:
John Burch
Ralph Petersen 
Myra Clodius
Jackpot Chair:
Donald Palmer
Bea Bull
Legislative Chair:
Steve Ferguson
Membership Chair:
Ralph Sanders
Don Palmer
Newsletter Editor:
Bea Bull
Nominating Committee co-Chairs:
John Burch
Ralph Petersen
Public Relations Chair:
Refreshments Chair:
Myra Clodius
Service Officer:
Ralph Angulo  District IV Service Officer
(360) 452-6592
Special Events Coordinator:
Sunshine Chair:
Amber VanSantford

Ch. 181 Bylaws revised 08 Dec 2014

Chapter Newsletters:

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181 - Mar 2019 LARGE PRINT

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181 - Jan 2019

181 - Jan 2019 LARGE PRINT

Meeting Calendar and Executive Board Roster for 2019

181 - Dec 2018

181 - Dec 2018 LARGE PRINT

181 - Nov 2018

181 - Nov 2018 LARGE PRINT

181 - Oct 2018

181 - Oct 2018 LARGE PRINT

181 - Sept 2018

181 - Sept 2018 LARGE PRINT

181 - June 2018

181 - June 2018 LARGE PRINT

181 - May 2018

181 - May 2018 LARGE PRINT

181 - Apr 2018

181 - Apr 2018 LARGE PRINT

181 - Mar 2018

181 - Mar 2018 LARGE PRINT

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12 May 1952 charter members were: Harry H. Keith, T. Lester Kirk, Neil E. Henley, Albert Allitt, Edward E. Anslow, Axel F. W. Axelson, Harry E. Baulian, Amos A. Beatty, Fred W. Beck, Wladislaus Bednawski, Alex R. Bennington, Frederick Brockhoff, Francisco Bustamante, William T. Burgua, Herman E. Boldt, William R. Buffon, Alexander Cameron, Joseph Christenson, Gus Carlson, G. Richard Cook, Frank E. Davis, Thornton S. DeVault, Julius J. Diebenow, C. H. Dodge,  Edward B. Earing, Titus C. Evaley, Carl R. Erdman, Edward J. Fitzgibbons, Charles R. Galf, Albert B. Gilman, Taulbee George, Ray C. Hanson, William H. Hanson, William A. Harden, Louis M. Harris, Elmer T. Herreid, Cordia G. Henry, James A Hindle, Veronica E. Hoehnen, Halver Hoff, Ralph S. Holmes, Leo A. Morgan, Andrew D. Humble, Herman E. Irrgang, Theron E. Jacobs, Charles Johnson, Ebbert Johnson, Charles Kimbal, William Koke, Frank A. Kraudelt, Arthur J. Lent, Percy F. Lent, Carl A. Lind, John G. Lindberg, Harry R. Loghry, Julius R. Lange, Samuel A. Larkin, Edward J. Logan, William Loring, Peter R. Lundberg, Adolph W. Lundeen, Carl W. Lundquist, Fern A. MacKenzie, William A. Mahan, Edwin B. Mastick, Carl A. Matson, C. G. Merriman, Arthur H. Moss, Raymond A. Mullenix, Neil McDougall, Walter J. MacDougall, Ralph C. Nachtman, Alexander Napoleon, Russ H. Ostrander, Richard H. Palmer, Alfred M. Peeler, Andrew M. Pederson, Jacob C. Petersen, Nels O. Peterson, Carl Pierskalla, Andrew J. Pool, Robert Reid, John F. Rogers, Edward A. Schafer, Frederick N. Schurs, George W. Sherman, Fred W. Senna, William W. Simmons, George A. Smith, Tony J. Sofie, John Soter, Harry Stoner, Oscar H. Swisher, William H. Sylvis, Ludwig C. Thurston, Lociano Topas, Ingvald Tostenrud, James Trail, Percy E. Tucker, Ernest H. Wagner, Oscar Wigant, William J. Wilson, Wallis Williams, Thomas L. Witbeck, Edwin E. Wright, Ole J. Utheim, Bennett H. Young, Jacob M. Joos, Fritz G. Pulvermiller, Jan Vander Staay.



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