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FEBHP Open Season runs from 13 Nov through 11 Dec 2017

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CLICK HERE TO READ "Here's how much more federal employees will pay for health care in 2018" FEDERAL NEWS RADIO article published October 4, 2017

In an email I asked Kaiser Rep, Karen Baxter two questions:

Bea: Why is the premium for Kaiser Options Self + One higher than the premium for Kaiser Options Self & Family?

Karen:  Self + One is more expensive than Self & Family because the utilization experience on Self + One penciled out to be worse than on the Self & Family.  There is a greater pool of members on Self & Family to spread the risk.

Bea:  What happened to Kaiser Options High Option?

Karen:  High Option is being eliminated because it has become exorbitantly expensive for members and for the health plan to administer.  It's reached the threshold where it just doesn't have the value for the premium for the memberss.  High Option members are being encouraged to go with Standard Option; benefits are very similar and there are significant savings in premiums.


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